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  • What Happens With a Quadriceps Tendon Rupture

    The quadriceps tendon is a thick, strong tendon that can withstand tremendous force. In daily life, it acts as part of the extensor mechanism to straighten the knee. People who injure the extensor mechanism may tear the quad tendon, tear the patellar tendon, or fracture the kneecap. All of these injuries have similar treatments and rehabilitation plans.

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  • Subchondral insufficiency fractures of the femoral head: systematic review of diagnosis, treatment and outcomes

    Subchondral insufficiency fractures of the femoral head (SIFFH) are a cause of femoral head collapse leading to degenerative hip disease. SIFFH is often mistaken for osteonecrosis given similar clinical and radiographic features. These similarities often lead to missed or delayed diagnosis which can often delay or change management. The purpose of this article is to systematically review the spectrum of demographics, diagnostic and treatment options, including hip preservation in young patient populations.

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  • Tips for Preventing Tibial Loosening in Total Knee Arthroplasty

    Aseptic tibial loosening is the number 1 cause of failure leading to revision after total knee arthroplasty (TKA). That shouldn’t be the case: At the 7th Annual ICJR South Hip & Knee Course, Daniel J. Berry, MD, from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, said that surgeons know more now about how to cement knee implants than they did even 15 years ago and have – theoretically – gotten better at it.

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  • Getting more from standard rotator cuff strengthening exercises

    The aim of this clinical laboratory study was to compare scapular and rotator cuff muscle activation between standard and modified exercises.

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  • What to know about shoulder impingement

    Shoulder impingement, which people sometimes call swimmer's shoulder, is a condition that causes pain in the shoulder due to a tendon or bursa rubbing against the shoulder blade.

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